Helping Others Campaign

With one in five of us in Northern Ireland showing signs of a possible mental health problem at any one time, we are launching in partnership with the Public Health Agency our campaign is aiming to reduce stigma and discrimination towards those affected.

undefinedThe Public Health Agency are running the ‘Helping others’ mental health campaign in March 2019, to encourage the public to offer support to family and friends who may be struggling with their mental health, by asking, listening and talking to them. The campaign is part of a wider programme of work in schools and work places, by Change Your Mind, to help reduce stigma around mental health, and has been partly funded by Comic Relief. 

A leaflet Mental Health: Ask. Listen. Talk which you can find in our resources was produced as part of the campaign to guide the public on how to help someone, with a mental health problem, by starting and having the conversation, as it is important that we support each other.

If you feel that your mental health, or that of someone you care about is in poor shape, you can do something about it. Talking about issues that are affecting your mental health can really make a difference and make you feel better. Visit our Help and Support page for more information.

The TV advert encourages the public to reach out and support someone they know who may be experiencing problems with their mental health, as it is important that we support each other.

Watch the advert below.