Let’s start talking. On Thursday 4 February 2021, we need your help to get the nation talking about mental health.

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Sussed Card Game

How to play Sussed

  1. One player picks up a card and reads out a scenario
  2. Everyone else tries to figure out how the reader would most likely respond
  3. The reader reveals the correct answer and everyone chats about who chose what and why

Spark a one-on-one conversation

Some people can find it awkward to talk about mental health. This can make getting the conversation going a little tricky. Why not start with a game of Sussed: Time to Talk as an icebreaker? 

By starting the conversation with some odd and amusing scenarios, Sussed: Time to Talk cards can help to get everyone a little more comfortable.

Get a group talking

Lots of people still think that mental health problems aren’t relevant to them. This could make them feel unsure of how to join in the conversation.

Sussed: Time to Talk is a way to get everyone involved. Opening with an easy and fun game could make for a more inclusive and open conversation.

The world of Sussed: conversations for all occasions

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