In-depth insight into tackling addiction - VIEW magazine

The latest edition of VIEW magazine, published in partnership with Addiction NI, focuses on addiction.


This new issue highlights the excellent services being provided across Northern Ireland to help those seeking support for substance misuse. Conversations need to happen and we all have a part to play in breaking the silence and stigma surrounding addiction.

In 2019, Addiction NI and Change Your Mind, Northern Ireland’s anti-stigma campaign, commissioned a survey of how the public views issues stemming from the use of alcohol and other drugs. Interviews were conducted with 1,019 individuals and the data produced by the research is highly informative. 

Public perceptions of those living with addiction are shifting towards a more sympathetic stance, suggesting that the discourse around addiction must change.

Launched today, VIEW features a summary of the Change Your Mind survey's key elements, which points to the public fostering a more inclusive, positive approach to those with substance issues. Elected representatives can also commit to tackling stigma by ensuring that the misuse of alcohol and other drugs is viewed primarily as a health matter. You can read the full publication here.

Working together, we can move to a place where there is #noshame associated with substance misuse, a place where anyone affected is able to reach out for the support that they need.

If you have been affected by anything referenced, you can contact the Addiction NI team here. You can also reach them by telephone on 028 9066 4434.