Australian musician sends message of support for Change Your Mind

We were delighted when Australian musician Matt Kenneally got in touch recently about the Change Your Mind campaign.

australian last resort.png

He wanted to share his work with us and we're delighted to present "Last Resort" here. We asked Matt to explain what motivated him to get in touch with Change Your Mind NI.

"I came across your organisation when doing a quick google search for depression awareness organisations that are similar to the ones we have here (in Australia) Beyond Blue, and R U OK?

Making music has always provided a comfort to me and has often provided a means to create something (hopefully) more beautiful out of an otherwise ugly situation. It's also a useful means for expressing thoughts or feelings which often seem too difficult to talk about with friends or family. As a listener, a lot of the music that has the greatest impact on me, is the stuff that I relate to and quite often expressing my own feelings in a way that I couldn't. Sometimes it really is enough of a comfort to know there's someone else out there that has gone through or is going through the same thing or feeling the same way as you. "