Frequently Asked Questions and how you can address them.

Q. I have noticed a change in my friend’s behaviour.  He seems more down than usual and doesn’t seem to want to spend time with his mates anymore.  What should I do?
A. It is important that you let your friend know that you are worried about him.  He may not realise his actions and may find it difficult to open up.  By letting him know you are there for him allows him the option of talking to you about his problems.  Click here for some tips about what to say.

Q. My sister has recently been diagnosed with a mental health illness.  Where can I find out more information so I can understand this better?
A. See ‘What is Mental Illness’ section above for more information.  There is also a link to further detailed information on some of the different types of mental illnesses.

Q. I am worried about my friend. I’m worried that he is thinking about taking his own life.  I’m not sure though and I don’t want to ask him in case it puts the thought into his head.  What should I do?
A. It can be very frightening to realise that someone close to you has thought about taking their own life.  Simply asking the question  ‘Are you having thoughts of suicide?’ does not give someone the idea.  Thoughts of suicide generally develop slowly over time and after a series of difficulties in life.  By asking the question, you are acknowledging their distress and giving them an opportunity to talk about something.